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EverSmoke E-Cigarettes

- Frequently Asked Questions


Who are EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes for?

EverSmoke is for smokers over 18 years of age or older. Please check your respective state laws regarding legal smoking age as it may apply to electronic cigarettes. EverSmoke is an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and provides an authentic smoking experience without the tar, smoke, ash and thousands of toxins typically found in tobacco cigarettes. While many people have successfully used it to quit smoking in clinical trials and by many of our customers, electronic cigarettes have not yet been approved by the FDA as an aid to quit smoking. As a result, federal law prohibits us from marketing it as an aid to quit smoking and it should not be used as such. Please consult your doctor before use.

How does the EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette work?

EverSmoke electronic cigarettes use an advanced two part technology, comprised of a battery component that contains a microchip and the other component is a cartridge/filter that has the atomizer inside. When you inhale on your electronic cigarette, the microchip activates the battery, which in turn activates the atomizer and automatically produces vapor from the nicotine solution contained in the cartridge/filter.

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Does the EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette produce smoke or tar?

EverSmoke does not produce any smoke and only an odorless water vapor mist nearly identical in appearance to tobacco smoke, but disappears in several seconds.

Why is EverSmoke better than tobacco cigarettes and other e-cigarette brands?

The EverSmoke e-cigarette offers people a healthier smoking alternative to traditional cigarettes and still provides a satisfying smoking experience. EverSmoke also surpasses other leading electronic cigarette brands with our superior VaporMax® technology that insures a clean smooth draw that produces maximum vapor and a realistic smoking experience. EverSmoke e-cigarettes revolutionary smoking alternative allows for an enjoyable smoking experience without the smoke, ash, tar, tobacco, carbon monoxide, or horrible and offensive smell found in traditional cigarettes. Since the EverSmoke electronic cigarette is free of tobacco, it does not contain the thousands of harmful carcinogens typically found in tobacco products and can even be safely smoked indoors. Free of life threatening carcinogens and offensive second-hand smoke, the EverSmoke electric cigarettes offer a safer, healthier environment to both you and the non-smoking community. Simply put, you can now enjoy smoking guilt free, wherever and whenever you want!

Can I truly smoke anywhere with the EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette?

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke, and therefore you should typically be permitted to smoke in areas that have non-smoking ordinances and laws. Smoking used to be socially acceptable, but now it’s frowned upon and even illegal in most public places. That’s why EverSmoke electronic cigarettes are such a great alternative.

Is the EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette a healthier way to smoke?

Most experts agree that it definitely is a healthier option. Choosing to switch to EverSmoke's electronic cigarettes allows you an alternative way to still enjoy smoking without the flame, smoke, ash, tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, or horrible and offensive smell found in traditional cigarettes. Since the EverSmoke electronic cigarette is free of tobacco, it does not contain the thousands of harmful carcinogens typically found in tobacco products and can even be safely smoked indoors. Free of life threatening carcinogens and offensive second-hand smoke, many experts and customers agree that EverSmoke electric cigarettes offer a safer, healthier environment to both you and the non-smoking community. Simply put, you can now enjoy smoking guilt free, wherever and whenever you want!

What are the effects of nicotine?

Nicotine can act both as a stimulant and a sedative. The desirable effects of nicotine are a feeling of relaxation, calmness, and alertness. These feelings can last from minutes to hours, and nicotine is considered habit forming and addictive. The carcinogenic properties of nicotine in a standalone form, separated from tobacco smoke, have not been evaluated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer/IARC.

Ordering Questions

Is my personal information and credit card information safe to transmit on EverSmoke.com?

Yes, rest assured that all information, including your credit card data, is processed through PCI secured servers with 128 bit encryption technology. This means that your information is 128 times more secure than if it were processed in a retail store or restaurant where encryption technology typically isn’t utilized

Can I buy EverSmoke products in stores?

No, currently EverSmoke products can only be purchased online through our secure website or by calling 1-800-856-EVER. We currently are working on plans for retail distribution, and in the future you will be able to buy EverSmoke products at your favorite store.

Product Questions

Why does the EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette have a light at the end of it?

The orange glowing light at the end of our e-cigarette serves two purposes. The first is to make your e-cigarette appear like a traditional cigarette providing you with a realistic smoking experience and not to call attention to yourself. The second purpose is to alert you when your electronic cigarette battery is running low; the light will begin to flash when your battery needs to be recharged.

How long does one cartridge last and how does it compare to traditional cigarettes?

Each EverSmoke e-cigarette cartridge is equivalent to approximately 1 pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes. The length of time the electronic cigarette cartridge will ultimately last will depend upon the smoking habits of the user.

What is the battery life of the EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette?

Once the Standard or Long Battery is fully charged, it will last an entire day, depending upon usage. The mini battery is better for evening and brief outings since it maintains a shorter battery life. While you are using one battery, you can always charge your extra battery with any EverSmoke charger to ensure a continuous smoking experience. Battery life usage varies for each battery as indicated below:

Standard: 250 Puffs
Long: 350 Puffs
Mini: 175 Puffs

Please note that the length of the battery life will also depend upon the individual smoking habits of the user.

What is the difference between the manual and automatic switch batteries?

The EverSmoke Automatic Battery is the easiest battery to use and operates like a traditional cigarette. When you puff on your electronic cigarette, you are telling a computer chip located inside the battery to activate the atomizer and automatically produce vapor. When using the Automatic Battery you can create the thickest vapor by priming your e-cigarette, simply by taking one long deep puff and thicker vapor will be produced on subsequent puffs.

The EverSmoke Manual Battery has a small button that you press to activate the atomization process and hold down while smoking. Manual batteries require no priming like the automatic batteries and produce thicker vapor more quickly and with less puffs. The Manual battery version will last about 25% less than the Automatic, but will create more vapor.

NOTE: Many people find that the button on the manual battery is manageable and does not interfere with their electronic smoking experience.

What is the EverSmoke Charging Pack and how does it work?

The EverSmoke Charging Pack is the ultimate convenience for charging your batteries without the use of an electrical outlet or USB port. This powerful charger is like having an electrical outlet wherever you go and easily fits into your pocket or purse! Our powerful Charger Pack is about the size of a traditional cigarette box and charges your electronic cigarette batteries 4 times before needing to be recharged. Simply recharge the EverSmoke Charging Pack with your EverSmoke USB Cable and any USB port.

How will I know when my battery needs charging?

You will know your battery needs to be recharged when the orange light at the end your electronic cigarette starts to flash.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

All three of the EverSmoke battery models will take approximately 1 hour to fully recharge.

Can I use the cartridges with all of the different batteries?

Yes, every battery is designed to work with your EverSmoke Flavor Cartridges.

How much nicotine is in each cartridge?

We have four choices of nicotine strengths and offer our customers the flexibility to choose their nicotine preference. The following are the cartridges and nicotine strength:

Level MG Equivalent To -
Full Flavored 18 mg Full Flavored Cigarettes
Light 12 mg Light Strength Cigarettes
Ultra Light 6 mg Ultra Light Cigarettes
Non-Nicotine 0 mg No Nicotine

Home Delivery Program Questions

What is the EverSmoke Home Delivery Program?

EverSmoke Membership with Auto-Delivery entitles its members numerous benefits as well as convenience. Some of the Membership Benefits include:

- Lifetime Replacement Warranty on all products
- 20% off of all cartridge refills purchased through the Home Delivery Program.
- Exclusive contests, discounts and sales reserved only for EverSmoke Members.
- Assurance that each month you will receive your monthly supply of cartridges conveniently and consistently delivered to the comfort of your home

How does the Home Delivery Program work?

The Home Delivery Program is an OPTIONAL program that customers join for free and allows them to save 20% off on Electronic Cigarette Cartridges while adding the convenience of receiving automatic delivery of their cartridges (ensuring that they will consistently receive their desired supply). As a welcome into our Home Delivery Program you will save 20% off your first order, including electronic cigarette kits, cartridges and accessories. You also have the flexibility to change the contents and frequency of your monthly shipments whenever you choose. There is no commitment after you join and can cancel your membership at any time.

Additionally, active Home Delivery Program members receive a Lifetime Replacement Warranty on all items purchased from EverSmoke. We will gladly replace any non-working part that is damaged under normal use. While enrolling in our Home Delivery Program is 100% optional and is not required to purchase any of our items, most customers do decide to join and take advantage of the valuable benefits of this program.

Do I need to sign up for the Home Delivery Program in order to purchase a Starter Kit or cartridges?

Absolutely not, enrollment in the Home Delivery Program is entirely optional. However, if you choose to enroll, you will receive an instant 20% discount on your initial order, including electronic cigarette kits, electronic cigarette cartridges or accessories that are a part of that order. You will continue to receive 20% off on the regular shipments of your electronic cigarette cartridges, a Lifetime Replacement Warranty on your e-cigarette and exclusive offers throughout the year. There is no commitment when joining and you can cancel at any time, you have nothing to lose by enrolling. The majority of our customers enroll in the Home Delivery Program for the added convenience and savings.

How do I enroll in the Home Delivery Program?

Enrolling in our Home Delivery Program is quick and easy. After you purchase, you will be prompted for enrollment in the Home Delivery Program. Select YES, and follow the prompts to select your desired frequency of shipments and quantities. You can also join our Home Delivery Program at any time by calling our customer service department.

Do I need to have cartridges delivered monthly? Or can I set my own frequency?

When you sign up for the Home Delivery Program you will be asked to choose the frequency that you would like cartridges delivered. If you would like to change your order frequency after your initial purchase, you can call or email us to set it up a different delivery schedule. For example, you may choose to have cartridges sent every 2 months instead of every month, or anytime in between. If you are planning on going away on vacation, you can order more cartridges one month and then pause your shipments while you are away.

EverSmoke E-Cigarettes

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