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E-cig starter kit from White Cloud

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

White Cloud Cirrus II Starter Kit Starter Kit

Charge time approximately—90 minutes
Number of puffs per charge—280 x 2 batteries=560 puffs per kit

What you get in a starter kit:

(2) batteries
(5) SmoothDraw cartridges
(1) Express USB Charger
(1) User Manual
standard 6 month warranty

The Cirrus II is our best twin battery kit. Nearly an inch shorter than the original Cirrus I, this tiny titan can crank out 100 more puffs per charge than its older sibling.


Price $69.95

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Brand Ambassador e-cig Accessory Pack pretty little pinks

Brand Ambassador e-cig Accessory Pack midnight clyde

Brand Ambassador Ecig Accessory Pack

7 designs

What you get in your accessory pack:

(4) Vapor Jackets
(10) Cartridge Jackets
(1) Universal Clamshell case

NOTE: This is only an accessory pack, not a starter kit. Batteries, chargers and cartridges are not included.

Every great brand has an extraordinary group of loyal customers, working behind the scenes, testing out new products, and giving input on future initiatives.

White Cloud is no different, which is exactly why we asked our crack team of brand ambassadors to help us come up unique names for our Vapor Jacket-customized line of Brand Ambassador Accessory Packs.


Brand Ambassador e-cig Accessory Pack1Brand Ambassador e-cig Accessory Pack2Brand Ambassador e-cig Accessory Pack3Brand Ambassador e-cig Accessory Pack4Brand Ambassador e-cig Accessory Pack5

Price $19.95

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disposable electronic cigarettes flings by White Cloud

disposable electronic cigarettes 100 flings by White Cloud

Disposable Ecigs

Fling - Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Unsure whether you'll enjoy the crisp clean satisfaction of White Cloud
Cigarettes? The Fling disposable electronic cigarette is a cost
effective way give us a try.

Perhaps you've already switched to White Cloud and you just need an emergency stash for the car, office, or purse? The Fling is ultra-convenient and always ready to satisfy your craving.

Flings are also a great handout when friends and family start begging for a puff of your White Cloud Cirrus. Now you won't have to endure their toxic tobacco smoke while you enjoy a White Cloud break.

No hassle — Ready to use right out of the package
No charging necessary — Never worry about a dead battery
Hours of use — Equivalent to more than 2 packs of cigarettes


Flings - $7.95 each
save 25% - Pack - 5
save 43% - Pack - 10
save 56% - 100 flings


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ecig white cloud batteries


Cirrus Ecig Batteries

Cirrus II, C3 or C3X ecig battery to replace a lost electronic cigarette, or just to have an extra.


Cirrus II
Cirrus C3
Cirrus CX3


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Cartridges/cartomizers for ecigs box

Cartridges/cartomizers for ecigs

Cartridges/cartomizers for ecigs Moscow mule

Diablo Cartridges/cartomizers for ecigs

Ecig Cartridges/cartomizers

SmoothDraw - E Cig Cartridges

Using an improved design with fewer manufacturing steps, our SmoothDraw cartridges are more reliable, cost less, and still offer 1mL of liquid--providing nearly 2 packs worth of smoking pleasure. The simplest design is one that doesn't require frequent and messy refilling. With Smooth Draw cartridges the vaporizer is built into the cartridge, so you never need to clean or replace it. Simply use the cartridge until it no longer emits vapor, then throw it away. Each SmoothDraw cartridge contains enough liquid to give you about 400 puffs of thick rich nicotine vapor.

The White Cloud e-cigarette SmoothDraw cartridge looks like the filter portion of a tobacco cigarette. It contains nicotine, flavoring, and a propylene glycol-glycerin mixture, as well as a vaporizer. The vaporizer heats the liquid to produce the smoke-like vapor you see when you exhale.

SmoothDraw cartridges are sold in packs of 5 (equivalent to approximately 1 carton of tobacco cigarettes). Nicotine strength ranges from a supremely strong "XX" (the strongest in the industry) to a very mild "UL". We also have "NF" for customers who enjoy the act of smoking without the effects of nicotine.

4 nicotine levels - 18 flavours

SmoothDraw - E Cig Cartridges


Box - 5
Box - 50


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E-Cig Accessories


E-Cig Accessories

Cirrus Universal Clam Shell Cases

These new cases received a re-design both inside and out! New cushy outside and redsigned inside will hold all 3 of your Cirrus 3 batteries plus 2 cartridges.

This case fits all of our batteries and then some !


Price $19.95

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