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V2 Cigs - #1 electronic cigarette starter kits!

V2 Economy Kit

If you are looking for the one of the most affordable ways to get started with V2 electronic cigarette kits, the V2 Economy Kit is for you. This kit is designed for people who want to try an e-cigarette starter kit for the first time or for the occasional smoker who plans to use their e-cig while traveling or in public settings. It is the best electronic cigarette starter kit for social smokers. Because this kit contains only 1 battery, you will not have a spare to use while your battery is charging. If you prefer to always have spare battery available, please take a look at our other affordable e-cig starter kit options.

The Economy Kit has been updated with the V2 Smart Charger. With a sophisticated internal chip, the Smart Charger has safety features to prevent overcharging and charges your battery twice as fast!

Price $49.95

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disposable ecigs

disposable ecigs menthol

V2 Disposables

V2 Cigs single-use disposable electronic cigarettes are the perfect choice if you are trying electronic cigarettes for the first time. With the New V2 Disposable Electronic Cigarette, there is no need to recharge batteries or purchase refill cartridges. Simply use them until the vapor volume is diminished and then throw them away.
Each Disposable Electronic Cigarette is equivalent to up to 2 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. (350-450 puffs /unit)

Available in full-flavored tobacco and refreshing menthol flavors, in both Full 1.8% nicotine (18mg/1000mg) or Light 0.6% nicotine (6mg /1000mg).

Please Note: We have designed All New Tobacco and Menthol Flavors for the New V2 Disposables. Tobacco has a smooth, real tobacco taste and menthol has a touch of tobacco flavor.

Pack - 3
Pack - 5
Pack - 10


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e-cig batteries

V2 batteries for e-cigarettes

V2 manual battery for e-cigarettes

V2 Electronic Cigarette Batteries

The Standard Length V2 electronic cigarette battery is the most popular battery we offer. This battery ships standard with all V2 Express and Economy Starter Kits. It is the perfect balance between weight, length and operating time. V2 Standard e-cigarette battery is designed to last at least 200 puffs before recharging. The standard battery is available in both automatic and manual switch versions. See below for details.

The V2 Standard Length Battery operates at 4.2 volts, 250 mAh. Length: 79mm /3.11”. 110mm /4.3” with Flavor Cartridge attached. Diameter: 9.25mm/0.37”.

Available color choices:
Classic white with red LED
Sleek black with red or blue LED
Stainless Steel with blue LED
Metallic blue with white LED

If you do not specify, your LED color will be randomly selected.


e-cigarette battery  specifiacation


shorty (100mm)
standard (110mm)
long (140mm)


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V2 Electronic cigarette  Cartridges flavors

V2 Electronic cigarette  Cartridges flavor chart

V2 Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

V2 Flavor Cartridges are the fuel for your V2 electronic cigarette. Each cartridge is equal to roughly 1 pack of tobacco cigarettes, so you are purchasing about half a carton of cigarettes for a very affordable price! Our flavor cartridges are packed and foil sealed to maintain freshness and hygiene. Each pack has an expiration date, so you know you are receiving fresh cartridges every time. V2 Flavor Cartridges are compatible with all KR808-D1 threaded Electronic Cigarettes.

Whether you prefer menthol, classic tobacco brands, or even specialty designer flavors, V2 Cigs has an E-Liquid flavor for you.

Our popular flavors include: V2 Red (American Tobacco), Congress (Refined Tobacco), Sahara (Turkish Tobacco), Menthol (Refreshing Mint), Peppermint (Sweet Mint), Mint Tea, Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate and Cherry. All Vapor Flavors are available in four nicotine strengths: Full (18), Medium (12), Light (6), and Zero.

Pack - 5
Pack - 20
Pack - 40


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