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disposable electronic cigarette starter kit

eversmoke electronic cigarettes

EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes Look, Feel & Taste like the real thing, but they're not.

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Basic Starter Kit

The EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Basic Starter Kit

is a great introduction into the world of electronic cigarettes. For your convenience and enjoyment, we’ve created a basic electronic cigarette starter kit that includes everything you’ll need to begin using our electronic cigarettes. You will now be able to enjoy the freedom and satisfaction of smoking wherever you want and without the harmful side effects of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Here is what you get:
    1 EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Lithium Ion Standard Battery (Standard Capacity - choice of color & Automatic or Manual Switch)
    1 Portable Wall Charger
    1 USB Charger (allows you to charge from any computer USB port)
    5 Nicotine Cartridges - Equals 5 Packs of Cigarettes (your choice of flavor & strength).
    1 Owner's Manual


Regular Price $79.99 Sale Price $59.99



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disposable electronic cigarettes

Disposable Electronic cigarettes

The EverSmoke Disposable Electronic Cigarette

is a great way to go smokeless. Whether you are just getting started or like the "no-hassle" benefit of a disposable e-cig, this low-cost alternative is a great option. Leave them in your car, bag or suitcase so you have them whenever you need them. Each disposable is good for about 500 puffs and use the same great tobacco and menthol taste as our reusable kits.

Smoke Virtually Anywhere - No Recharging Required - Great When You're On-The-Go

Equals about 2-Packs of Traditional Cigarettes


  • 5 - Pack $49.99
  • 10 - Pack $89.99
  • 15 - Pack $124.99

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ecigarette batteries


The Standard Length EverSmoke Battery

is our most popular battery and you can choose between the Manual and Automatic model. The rechargeable battery is designed to last at least 250 puffs before requiring charging. The Manual switch version will last approximately 25% less than the Automatic, but will create more vapor.
Compare the Automatic & Manual Switch.
Available in your choice of "Cigarette Paper" White, Gloss Black and Stainless Steel.


Price $29.99

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Ecigarette cartridges

Ecigarette cartridges  flavor sampler


Flavor sampler

Our Flavor Sampler is a collection of our six rich flavors and can match the different moods and moments of your day including, Classic Tobacco, Peppermint Party, Coffee Creation, Cherry Crush, Very Vanilla and Cool Menthol. The Flavor Sampler is also a great way to try all of our exclusive flavors and figure out which is your favorite. Comes in a convenient 6-pack.

For use with any EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette.


6 - Pack

Price $15.99

$2.66/cartridge - equivalent to paying $2.66/pack on traditional cigarettes


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Ecigarette charger case

E-Cig Accessories

Personal charging case

The EverSmoke Personal Charging Case is the ultimate convenience for charging your batteries without the use of an electrical outlet or USB port. This powerful charger is like having an electrical outlet wherever you go and easily fits into your pocket or purse!
For use only with the MINI Automatic EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Battery.


Price $49.99



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