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In Australia the Electronic Cigarette cartridges/cartomizers(hold the E-liquid) containing nicotine are ILLEGAL to supply from within the country, therefore customers requiring nicotine in their flavor cartridges can only be supplied LEGALLY from overseas companies, usually online.

Because literally 1000's of these companies already exist buyers need to be very fussy with who they decide to deal with for a multitude of reasons, most mainly obvious, but you want to be able to trust your supplier in particular when it comes to the e-cig ingredients they use in their cartridges.

To save you searching through the mega loads of online sites and the uncertainty of choosing correctly, we're constantly researching to find the very best brands and E-Cig companies to deal with PLUS we offer promo discounts with each brand ensuring you will always receive the lowest price available, all tax and duty free.

E-Cig Brand Comparison Ecig starter kits flavor cartomizers nicotene content  E-Cigarette spare parts accessories

Those we recommend on our site here hold all the right certifications, sell only premium products built using only the latest technology available, provide a smart efficient service and adhere to strict FDA standards in the pharmaceutically controlled manufacture of their own E-liquid & e-cigarette cartridges.

They are all popular US brands already bought by millions world-wide via the Internet and each company has a proven track record of delivering E-Cigarette starter kits and accessories to Australia with most claiming average times of between 7 & 14 days from dispatch.

You can trust that all the companies represented here have all the non negotiables & important requirements taken care of. That said they differ in various less critical areas according to one's tastes.

We can't make that judgement for you although everyone here at EC-O has there favourites.

Consider further :-

Fact: It is illegal to sell and supply nicotine in Australia.
It is legal to import nicotine internationally for personal consumption.
Fact: eCigarettes have helped millions the world over quit cigarettes.
Fact: Thousands of these are Australian.
Fact: Many of these millions who succeeded with eCigarettes attempted traditional NRT's and failed.
Fact: 'Vaping' is a healthier alternative to smoking and toxicity levels are on par with traditional NRT's ..........

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