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Our Ecig Brand Comparison Chart gives you the A-list, a side by side visual layout of the world's best Electronic cigarette companies, their products, prices and service to Australian customers.

As a smoker of 45+ years I couldn't believe it when I found out about electronic cigarettes. I was so eager to try them I searched on Google, clicked on a site near the top and found myself ordering from a Chinese company who, in my naivety, seemed like they were the right co. to deal with. After all, I knew from my Wikipedia search that the electronic cigarette was invented by a Chinese man and that all e cigarettes are manufactured in China. The price was cheap so I bought. It took a while, and communication was extremely difficult but my ecigarette arrived within a month and so began my journey. Not bad I thought, having nothing to compare against. Not bad until the battery ran out and I realised the Chinese wall plug was useless and I hadn't ordered a USB charger. OK I thought, well I'm not waiting another 3+ weeks I'll order from an Australian company and use the nicotine cartridges I already bought with the new ecig local brand. I paid a lot more obviously, plus G.S.T. damn it, but delivery time was good, the e-cig itself was better to draw on than the one I'd bought from China and also the kit had a USB charger with it. Great, now though, because I knew the Australian company was not allowed to sell cartridges containing nicotine, I would simply use my other cartridges. Damn, foiled again, a different fitting battery ! many weeks later - many dollars spent - My first truly great electronic cigarette I bought from Green Smoke in America. I've since stopped smoking cigarettes altogether and rather than suffering withdrawals it has been an enjoyable experience. Smoke free odour free and guilt free - no second hand smoke - no tar - no ash - no butts about it ! - my story Geoff Powell editor ECIGS-ONLINE

The Electronic Cigarette industry is still very young yet many solid companies already exist. Unfortunately there are many more that should be avoided at all costs. Perhaps in the US where E-Cigs can be bought at the local shop it's not as greater problem as here in Australia. All we can do is order online which, for a product that new users may or may not decide to continue with (i.e.. switching from smoking to vaping E-Cigarettes) is a risk. With an outlay of $50-$100 for an initial E-Cigarette Starter Kit you'll want to get it right first time. Shipping may be slow, the electronic cigarettes may be ecig of old technology , the E-Cig batteries may be weak, the E-Cigarette itself may not draw well and the flavours may well be poor and not controlled by the FDA like those E-liquids and Cartomizers of the Ecigs-Online best brand E-Cigarette companies. Remember, if you decide to continue vaping E-Cigs instead of smoking, you'll most likely want to be reordering your refills from the same company.

Here we bring you only the best brands in E-Cigs and only the best Electronic Cigarette Companies to deal with.

When you order from an ECigs-Online listed "name" brand company we're confident your experience will be satisfactory. If ever this is not the case, please contact us. Your feedback is most important to us.



Here's what they say about themselves 6

The Green Smoke® e-cigarette offers smokers an unmatched smoking experience. Its high smoke volume and rich, thick flavor, offers one of the most enjoyable smoking sensations available. Smoke as you would a traditional cigarette - simply take a puff and enjoy the flavor.

At the tip of the e-cigarette is a cartridge that looks like the filter of a traditional cigarette. This cartridge is where the smoking liquid is held. When you inhale, the battery activates the internal heating element, called an atomizer, and the smoking liquid is vaporized into a flavorful vapor. A cartridge that is pre-filled with smoking liquid and comes with a built-in atomizer is called a cartomizer.

Green Smoke® e-cigarettes consist of 2 pieces: a long lasting rechargeable battery and a FlavorMax™ Cartomizer. The FlavorMax™. Cartomizer is designed to maximize flavor and provides one of the highest smoke volumes in the industry. Each FlavorMax™ Cartomizer is comparable to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes and features simple screw-off, screw-on cartomizer replacement.

Green Smoke® e-cigarettes will leave you smelling clean and fresh. Your clothes and car won't smell like cigarette smoke and you can kiss smoker's breath goodbye. Green Smoke® e-cigarettes also have no tar and create no ash, cigarette butts or cigarette odors. They can also be smoked in many places where traditional cigarettes are banned. The Green Smoke® Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit gives you everything you need to get started.

EverSmoke e-cigarette company offers the best alternative to traditional cigarettes. Our smokeless electric cig does not produce any tar, smoke, ash and thousands of toxins typically found in tobacco cigarettes. Vapor smoking produces odorless water vapor mist nearly identical in appearance to tobacco smoke, but disappears in several seconds.

EverSmoke E-Cigarettes

Vapor cigarettes offer people a healthier smoking alternative to traditional cigarettes and still provide a satisfying smoking experience. EverSmoke also surpasses other leading electronic cigarette brands with our superior VaporMax® technology that insures a clean smooth draw that produces maximum vapor and a realistic smoking experience. EverSmoke e-cigarettes revolutionary smoking alternative allows for an enjoyable smoking experience without the smoke, ash, tar, tobacco, carbon monoxide, or horrible and offensive smell found in traditional cigarettes. Browse our vapor e-cig starter kits >

Flavored Smokeless Cigarettes

EverSmoke flavored e-cig cartridges are designed and built with our superior VaporMax® technology that insures a clean smooth draw that maximizes your vapor smoking experience. EverSmoke offers flavored cartridges that include in Classic Tobacco, Peppermint Party, Coffee Creation, Cherry Crush, Very Vanilla and Cool Menthol.

E-Cig Accessories

Accessorize your EverSmoke electric cigs with batteries and chargers that fit your style. Browse our electric cig accessories >

EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes
Top Rated Electric Cigs for Vapor Smokers

THE ePuffer team is feeling extremely proud today. Why?
We are about to celebrate our five-year anniversary. We are also feeling incredibly excited because we feel we have only just scratched the surface in what we can achieve as a company.
Back in 2007, the electronic cigarette industry didn't really exist. There wasn't a viable alternative for smokers who wanted to swap tobacco for a healthier alternative. But the ePuffer team has played a huge role in developing the e-cigarette market in America, across the UK and also in Europe to make e-cigs an integral part of people's lives.
The last five years have been an incredible journey but the important thing is to look ahead and think about what we can achieve as a business in the next five years and the five years beyond that. There are some exciting new products in the pipeline. Watch this space and here's to the next five years!

Many claim to have the best and most innovative product, but we deliver!
Our product can be ordered directly from our website, reseller channels and through OEM partnerships. Through these collaborations, shared resources and our award-winning technology, we continue to bring new products and solutions to the alternative to smoking marketplace. Our products have helped many smokers to quit, cut down or simply use it as a new smoke and carbon free alternative to tobacco.
We would like to share our knowledge, technology and experience and are always happy to cooperate with local partners, OEM customers and distributors around the globe.

The team at ePuffer is committed and dedicated to making a difference to people's lives.
The business has come a long way in the past five years and we are well on the way to becoming a world leader in the rapidly-growing electronic cigarette market. We are proud to have won awards for our innovation and our company is moving with the changing times to meet the burgeoning demand for healthier e-cig products.
More than 50,000 customers have tried our products and most have stayed with us. In the process many have ditched traditional tobacco cigarettes and all the dangers they bring.
The ePuffer team never stands still. Our experts have developed a true nicotine formula that satisfies the cravings of smokers. We also love to listen to our customers and every product we launch is based on their feedback. Remember, the customer is always right. And we also have a charitable heart at ePuffer and staunchly support the work of the Red Cross.

Vapor Couture is the latest line to be launched by flagship company VMR Products. This unique line was designed just for women and is the only such line on the market today. Slim, elegant and available in four distinct shades, Vapor Couture is not simply a premium product - it's also an eye-catching accessory.

A sister company of the popular V2 Cigs brand, Vapor Couture combines the robust technology of V2 Cigs with chic designs and stylish accessories. The Vapor Couture line of electronic cigarettes features an ultra-thin, jewel-tipped rechargeable battery with flavor cartridges available in four complementary colors. Each of the four distinctive Vapor Couture cartridge flavors was hand-picked to appeal to a woman's refined palate. With bracelets, charms and a must-have clutch, Vapor Couture has everything a girl needs to show off her e-cigs in style!

Vapor Couture is the only electronic cigarette brand created entirely for women, and the latest brand to be launched by VMR Products. VMR operates and manages their three brands, V2 Cigs, Vapor Couture and Vantage Vapor, in the United States, Canada and the Czech Republic. Where many electronic cigarette companies outsource their products overseas, VMR plays an active role in manufacture, design, distribution and support. VMR Products works consistently to bring standardization and better regulation to the e-cig marketplace; the company sees a future wherein safety and top-quality products are the universal standard.

V2 Cigs customers demand unparalleled Quality Control and Product Safety.

In the United States most Electronic Cigarette Brands are little more than marketing companies. These companies design logos, not products. The V2 Cigs supply chain is the most vertically integrated in the industry, from our engineering and product design teams, to our quality control and logistics personnel, V2 Cigs staff are involved in every step of the manufacturing process.

AT V2 Cigs, we never outsource our customer's safety!

All V2 Cigs products are designed by V2 Cigs engineers in California and Florida.
V2 Cigs Products are only assembled at V2 Certified assembly plants, and all subcomponents used in our products are sourced from verified and approved suppliers.
Every batch of V2 E-Liquid undergoes comprehensive chemical testing to ensure product safety and consistency.
V2 Cigs brings you unprecedented transparency and information about the E-Liquid you buy.
All V2 E-liquid ingredients are provided on our web-site in downloadable PDF format.
All V2 E-Liquid products are clearly labeled with batch numbers and expiration dates, so customers can view E-Liquid testing results live on the v2cigs.com website.
All V2 Cigs electrical products are tested daily by V2 Engineers at both our quality control center in Miami Florida, and onsite at all International factories.
V2 Cigs Flavor Cartridges are tested daily to insure consistency. Tests include: cartomizer impedance testing, cartomizer weight testing, temperature testing, and puff consistency testing to ensure industry leading vapor production.
All V2 Cigs Flavor Cartridges are foil packed and sealed to guard against contamination and ensure product freshness through the labeled expiration date.
V2 E-Liquid is packaged in specially designed child-proof bottles to protect you and your family
If that's not enough, V2 also backs all electrical products with a lifetime warranty!

At V2 Cigs we set the bar for quality, consistency, and product safety. These are the cornerstones of the V2 Cigs Philosophy. If you want the best, V2 Cigs is a brand you can trust!

Enter your batch number in the form field and click submit or Click Here to go to the Batch Testing page.

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes is the premiere electronic cigarette on the market. We pride ourselves on having exceptionally high quality products. Many of our resources are dedicated to research and development. In turn, we have a low product failure rate and our batteries and cartridges have the longest life span. We want our customers to have the most enjoyable and realistic smoking experience possible. We process all customer feedback and and are constantly improving our products based on this feedback.

Many of our competitors are only interested in the initial sale. Our goal is to build a strong, loyal White Cloud Nation. We want our customers to stay with us and we build relationships with as many as possible. We want to make sure that everyone not only understands our products, but also uses them as efficiently as possible. We stand behind our products and offer a 2-year warranty.

When you call our Customer Service department you will speak to a live person that is based in the United States. You will never go through a maze of computerized phone menus or getting passed from one department to the next without a solution. Customers call one number, and get a live person on the phone. How is this possible with such a large customer base? It's simple; our quality is so high we simply don't receive a large number of dissatisfied customer calls. In fact, most inbound customer calls are for SmoothDraw cartridge reorders.

Yes, our products are hand-made in China. We researched many production facilities and work with only the top-rated manufacturers in the industry. Each SmoothDraw cartridge goes through a painstaking 9-step manufacturing process, and must pass 3 separate quality checks. White Cloud ecig batteries undergo a 13-step process that involves 4 quality checks. We have an employee living in China that checks the quality of each item before we accept any new product batch. Our company owners travel to China frequently to tour the factories, ensuring that the manufacturing process is carried out to their high standards.

South Beach Smoke's smokeless cigarettes are a high-tech, non-flammable solution for obtaining nicotine without exposure to tobacco. Smokers enjoy doses of a vaporized liquid nicotine solution and exhale a water vapor that resembles a puff of smoke, which provides a physical sensation and flavor akin to inhaled tobacco smoke. Our product contains ZERO tobacco, ZERO smoke and ZERO combustion. The South Beach Smoke e-cigarette is the preferred, battery-powered alternative to traditional cigarettes. With South Beach Smoke, you're given several e-cigarette starter kit options all built with the award-winning technology in the South Beach Smoke DELUXE Electronic Cigarette.

Every South Beach Smoke Deluxe Series Electronic Cigarette has a crystal orange LED that lights up each time you take a puff. It will also signal when it's time to recharge your electric cigarette.
The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Series Electronic Cigarette Battery is the most advanced e-cigarette battery on the market. This proprietary battery has been engineered to provide maximum vapor, longer battery life and superior performance. Available in black or "cigarette-paper" white and in Standard & High Capacity.
The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Series Electronic Cigarette's atomizer is built seamlessly into the cartridge. This insures you get a fresh atomizer with every cartridge you use, producing maximum vapor and superior taste.
The South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Flavor Cartridges are built with the patented VaporMax® technology designed to provide a smooth, yet flavorful draw while producing maximum vapor. You won't find VaporMax® on most other electronic cigarettes.
This specially designed silicone tip in incorporated into the mouth piece and is designed to prevent leakage of your electronic cigarette juice. The single-hole design provides maximized draw and resistance... just like a traditonal cigarette.